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Carolinian Canada Conservation Awards: Nominate Today

Carolinian Canada Awards
Habitat Leaders Showcase

Leading the way to a green future.

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Who are Carolinian Canada Habitat Leaders?

Habitat Leaders are growing the future story of this zone. They are diverse people and groups who collaborate for healthy ecosystems in Ontario’s Carolinian Zone. They are a critical part of healthy communities. Together, they are leading the way to a green future for everyone in Canada’s deep south.

What do Habitat Leaders do?

Habitat Leaders are helping to reverse habitat loss, adapt to climate change, protect water and contribute to local and global biodiversity targets in many ways such as:

  • Save, steward or seed habitat, rare species and native plants
  • Develop and implement biodiversity strategies
  • Seek innovative nature-based solutions to growing challenges like water quality and climate change adaptation
  • Promote the role of nature as the life support system of our zone and our planet
  • Inspire and empower biodiversity best practices with diverse people, diverse sectors and in diverse places from urban to rural to aquatic
  • Strategically connect wild and human communities for healthy landscapes

Where are Habitat Leaders?

Habitat Leaders are everywhere. Share your story about an individual or group you know.


Carolinian Canada Awards showcase Habitat Leaders who are dedicated to saving our unique nature. We encourage nominations in the following themes:

  • Caring Landowners – leading the way to healthy landscapes
  • Passionate Youth – leading the way to a green future
  • Visionary Decision-Makers – leading the way to climate-resilient communities
  • Smart Businesses – leading the way to a green economy
  • Big Picture Thinkers – leading the way to conservation / community collaborations
  • Carolinian Canada Friends – leading the way to a green culture shift
  • Lifetime Achievers – leading the way by showing what’s possible

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Browse our Habitat Leaders who have received Carolinian Canada Awards.

Nominate a Habitat Leader

Click on the award year for more information about each award winner.

2016 Award Recipients

  • Dr. Bob Haig
  • Barb Ferris
  • Town of LaSalle
  • The Antler River Guardians from the 4 Directions
  • Bonnieheath Estate Lavender and Winery
  • Long Point Basin Land Trust
  • Rick Hornsby
  • Paul Georges

Honourable Mention: Blake and Quinton Pluzak for PURPOSE

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Award Recipients 2015

  • Al Driedger
  • Grant and Mary-Ann Harvey
  • Danika Bax
  • Planting Seeds of Hope - Jackie Ryan
  • Essex Region Conservation Authority
  • Delaware Nation - Weelateéxung “The Good Path” Nature Trail
  • Lambton Shores Nature Trails
  • Woodland Garden - Garden Club of London
  • Rob and Eleanor Ward

Award Recipients 2014

  • David Ainslie
  • Joe Csoff & Gunther Csoff
  • Angelle & Clen Van Kleef
  • Paul Gagnon
  • John & Cynthia Cook
  • Jaffa Environmental Education Centre
  • Brad Renaud
  • Dave Wake
  • Joe & Joyce Hickson

Award Recipients 2013

  • Jane Bowles
  • Jim and Mary Smith
  • Donald Craig
  • Alice Casselman
  • Friends of the Rouge Watershed (FRW)
  • Oakvillegreen Conservation Association
  • Vince D’Elia
  • Jane Hanlon
  • Assumption Catholic Elementary School
  • Rahul Mehta
  • Peter Banks

Award Recipients 2012

  • Larry Cornelis
  • Stan & Anita Caveney
  • Green Partnerships Program
  • Allen Woodliffe

Award Recipients 2011

  • Deanna Lindblad
  • Dave Reid
  • Robert Bateman High School
  • Waynco
  • Bert Miller Nature Club
  • George Francis
  • Harry Barrett

Honourable Mention: Long Point Causeway Improvement Project

Award Recipients 2010

  • Wayne & Lynda Buck
  • Doug Dennis
  • Thames Talbot Land Trust
  • Ontario Nature
  • Bkejwanong Eco-Keepers
  • Stew Hilts

Award Recipients 2009

  • Alan Ernest
  • Carolinian Forest Festival
  • David Clemons
  • Bill and Heather Wilson
  • Catfish Creek Conservation Authority

Honourable Mention: Brent and Jane Marie Ward

Award Recipients 2007

  • Dorothy and John Tiedje
  • Peter Banks
  • Stephanie Crocker
  • Gloria McGinn-McTier

Award Recipients 2006

  • Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
  • Dan Bissonette
  • Henry Kock
  • Brenda Lorenz
  • Dolf and Anne Wynia

Award Recipients 2005

  • Art Teasell
  • Peter Carson
  • Allan Elgar
  • Pelee Island Winery
  • East Elgin Secondary School
  • Hamilton Naturalists' Club

Award Recipients 2004

  • Tom Bird
  • Sarnia Urban Wildlife Committee
  • Walpole Island Heritage Centre, Nin Da Waab Jig
  • Branksome Green
  • Bill Prieksaitis

Award Recipients 2002

  • Ron Tiessen
  • Patricia Rhoads
  • The Natvik Family
  • The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Award Recipients 2001

  • Pat and Kee Dewdney
  • Steve Hounsell, Ontario Power Generation
  • Stoney Creek Open Spaces & Natural Environment Study (SCONES) – City of Hamilton

Award Recipients 2000

  • Lambton Wildlife Incorporated
  • Dorchester Mill Pond Community Stewardship Project
  • Mary Gartshore

Award Recipients 1999

  • Paul Prevett
  • Canadian Chestnut Council