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Carolinian Canada Conservation Awards Nomination Form

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Nomination Categories:

  1. Individual – a person who has contributed exceptional work towards the conservation of natural heritage within the Carolinian life zone.
  2. Group - an organization, partnership or project that has contributed greatly towards the conservation of natural heritage within the Carolinian life zone. For example, a group may be a community group, government agency, municipality, business, media, professional network, coalition etc. that has incorporated conservation into its agenda. A group can be nominated for a specific project such as a program, publication or event. Be sure to clearly state the name of the project in this case
  3. Youth - A new category to encourage youth participation in the environment. Nominees may be an individual or a group, project or partnership that is driven by youth.
  4. Lifetime Achievement - is not awarded every year. A nominee can be a group or individual that has contributed exceptionally over many years.

Nominators: Individuals or groups should not nominate themselves or projects that they have been involved in. Recognition of a job well done should come from an independent third party.

Repeat Award: Receiving one Carolinian Canada Conservation Award does not preclude receiving another one in the future for different work and/or in different categories (i.e. individual and lifetime achievement awards). Awards may be given to the same nominee more than once for different achievements (i.e. a group could receive two different awards at different times for different projects).

Nomination Form: Be Complete & Concise. Nominators should provide enough information to describe why the nominee should receive a conservation award. The form should be complete with every aspect that should be considered by the awards committee.

Nomination Package

Download and read the Nomination Guidelines

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Attachments are optional and restricted to:

  1. One photo of the nominee
  2. One photo of the nominee's conservation work
  3. A brief document of any type (eg. brochure, media, letter of recommendation)