Carolinian Canada

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Policies and Guiding Documents

See By-law approved by special resolution at our 2014 AGM

The Coalition is made up of individual and group members.  Each has one vote.  

  • A group member should designate a representative and an alternate.
  • A family is made up of two or more individual members, each with a vote.
  • An individual may also be a group representative, thereby having 2 votes: one personal vote and one vote for their group at member's meetings.
  • All members must be approved by the Board

Board of Directors

The Carolinian Canada Board consists of 9- 18 directors with a balance between individual and group members.

  • All Directors are individual members of the Coalition. Additionally some are supported by a group.
  • Each Director has one vote at board meetings.
  • Board groups include those groups that nominate a Director and  accept support responsibilities for that member as a representative of their group.
  • Candidates shall normally be elected from a slate prepared by the Executive Committee.  In addition, a candidate can be nominated by two members.
  • Directors shall serve a full three (3) year term, once renewable, with at least a one (1) year break in service before eligibility is renewed. 
  • The Board convenes quarterly


Committees are reviewed annually by the board and appointed from time to time.  Standing Committees include:

  • Executive Committee 
  • Audit Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Science Advisory Committee

Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact for more information