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Vermilion Flycatcher Lifts Carolinian List to 285 Species

Monday, December 21, 2015 - 7:00pm

285 and Counting!

Our most unusual December weather has meant that many birds who should have left Ontario for the warmth and bountiful food of the south have decided to linger.  But the bird that brought my Carolinian life zone year list up to 285 is not one of them.  This young male Vermilion Flycatcher actually ventured north from where it was raised (somewhere in the southwestern U.S. or Mexico) instead of staying or heading further south for the winter.  

Vermilion Flycatcher north of Wallaceburg

This beautiful bird was discovered on December 18 by none other than Carolinian Canada Conservation Award winner, Larry Cornelis, at his mother's farm near Wallaceburg.  While I've now long since surpassed my Carolinian species goal of 270, I'm still very much on the hunt for sponsors and I'm most grateful for the many generous donations received so far.  And let's hope this brave little insectivore is somehow able to find enough food to survive the winter weather inevitably on its way -- perhaps we could offer it bowls of mealworms for Christmas dinner?  

Happy Holidays to all!

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