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Recycling with PURPOSE

Sunday, December 27, 2015 - 7:00pm
Photo credit: Kathleen Blake-Pluzak

Owen Williams, a Director of Carolinian Canada, accepts a donation from Blake and Quinton Pluzak

Quinton and Blake Pluzak started a recycling business 4 years ago when they were 11 and 12 years old, calling their business Pluzak Useful Recycling Protecting Our Sacred Environment (PURPOSE).  They provide their own bins to their frequent customers (mostly neighbours and friends) and collect aluminum cans and returnable glass bottles. They crush the cans and store them in their garage until they can truck them to Zubick’s in London for recycling.  Returnable bottles are taken to the Beer Store as their bins get full. Both boys are active volunteers in the community and are avid outdoorsmen as well, with a great deal of respect for the natural environment.

They have recently made a $300 donation to the Carolinian Canada Coalition.  Blake and Quinton said “We selected Carolinian Canada because we wanted to partner with an organization that has values similar to ours, that actively cares for the environment.  Our family has a cottage in Port Franks and the two of us are avid fishermen, cyclists, and rowers at Fanshawe Conservation Area.  The Carolinian Canada Coalition was a natural fit!”

Owen Williams, a Director on the Carolinian Canada board, met with Quinton and Blake just before Christmas.  He asked if they chose the word “sacred” in their company name as a matter of convenience for creating the company acronym or if it had a special meaning for them.  They explained that the definition fits their values relative to the environment:  the word means “to be respected and honoured”.

As you can imagine, it has taken a lot of effort to generate the $300 that they have donated.  They are very happy with reaching that milestone and anticipating how Carolinian Canada will use the funds.  However they are not dwelling on that and are already busy making additional collections over the holiday season and have plans for expanding their efforts in 2016.

Owen's article apeared in in the London Free Press Friday January 1, 2016

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