Family Nature Clubs

Family Nature Clubs engage thousands of families from across the country and around the world in frequent active time together in the natural world.  Groups of families organized into clubs help to break down barriers to getting out in nature, bringing together families from diverse cultures and across generations.

 At a time of their lives when children need most to be engaged in active play outdoors, instead we find them with nearly every minute of their day either in some structured activity or connected to electronic media.  Recent studies indicate that children are spending between 8–11 hours per day engaged in screen-time.  This exacts a high toll on family bonds and quality time together, key ingredients to children’s social/emotional development and to family wellbeing.  Family Nature Clubs are dedicated to helping people get time in nature back on the family calendar by providing regular opportunities to engage in hikes, paddles, camping trips and other fun outdoor family activities.  These experiences give families a sense of place, allow for free play in nature, and familiarize families with the many opportunities for outdoor recreation in their neighborhoods.

 Find out how to create your own Family Nature Club by downloading the toolkit from the Children and Nature Network.