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Creek Canoe/Kayak Trip

1/2 day guided canoe or kayak trip down Big Creek for 2 people. Whether you are a seasoned paddler or a novice to this relaxing way of travel, donors Paula Jongerden and Brian Craig with Long Point Eco-Adventures look forward to sharing their knowledge about the geology, ecology, and history of the area, but most importantly, just enjoying together a leisurely paddle down one of the most unique and beautiful river valleys in our great country of Canada. Big Creek is home to over 50 species of birds, including Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers. With luck you might even see a Bald Eagle perched in a Sycamore tree! The trip will be booked on a mutually agreed upon date between June 1 and October 1, 2013. Kayaks / canoes, necessary equipment, and snacks provided. Additional information at: www.lpfun.ca        Value $200


Native Plant / Urban Ecology Consult

by Ben Porchuk of Landscape Native:  The worlds of wildlife biology, urban ecology and landscape design are fused together in a sacred manner by nature enthusiast and garden consultant Ben Porchuk. He will assess the opportunities your landscape offers to 'host' native plants and attractive and unique land form features. His designs not only improve the greater urban ecology, they become gorgeous forms of "functional earth art" that sooth the soul, and calm the mind.  Includes: 1 hour site visit or phone consultation, Within City of London (or cover additional mileage) Value $150 

Ontario Parks Pass

 Ontario Parks are a series of world-class parks across Ontario.  This pass gives you access to any Ontario park, so get out there and discover great recreational opportunities!

Wild Bird Gift Bag

Thayer Birding Software: Birds of My State or Province Deluxe blend birdseed  + Guide to Knowing your feeder birds + Fundamentals seed tube bird feeder + Deluxe blend birdseed.  Donated by Wild Birds Unlimited Guelph  Value $60

Turtle Baby Nap Bag

Special turtle print edition baby nap bag created to support turtle conservation efforts.   Our "Nap Bag" is perfect for every new baby.  Our Sleeping Bag is Safe, Warm and Cosy and is intended to replace blankets, which could be kicked off during the night....thus allowing baby (and Parents!) to sleep through the night.  Nap Bags reduce the risk of suffocation and is made of natural fabrics in London, Ontario.  Babies can help save turtles too!   Value $45

 Grow Wild Field Bag & Kit   

Carolinian Canada Grow Wild Field Bag; Natural Treasures of Carolinian Canada; Forest Ontario mug & hat.  Value $55


Thank-you to our generous donors!

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