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In the Zone

Collaborating for Healthy Communities One Garden at a Time

Carolinian Canada and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada are partnering with local municipalities, groups, businesses and volunteers to launch a new model to connect, assist, track and celebrate natural gardens for healthy communities across the Carolinian Zone.

Healthy communities include people, ecosystems, beneficial wildlife, native plants & species at risk living in harmony for cleaner air, water, soil & greenspace.

Be Part of the Big Picture: Local, Green & Healthy

This program will connect your actions across the Carolinian Zone to bolster the ecological integrity of our Big Picture landscapes for healthy communities and ecosystems; and climate resilience.

We are developing strong partnerships in 5 neighbourhoods across the Zone to kick-start the program with 150 early adopters and Backyard Leaders. Over time we aim to show a steady increase in measureable positive impacts by participants who want to work together for healthy communities and Big Picture landscapes one garden at time.


  • onnect with other people supporting Canadian wildflowers and native plants
  • Link with local partners and programs and new resources
  • Discover a range of natural benefits for healthy communities


  • Set goals to increase beneficial wildlife habitat one garden at a time
  • Grow a nature culture for healthy communities in your neighbourhood
  • Access advice based on Big Picture science* to link backyard and community actions to natural heritage systems, greenways, healthy landscapes and biodiversity priorities. 


  • Calculate your ecological contributions to healthy landscapes
  • Track backyard biodiversity with citizen science
  • Count yourself in to Big Picture reports to share with community leaders 


  • Showcase Canadian wildflower and native plant greenspace, gardens and trails
  • Recognize Backyard Leaders and share your stories
  • Celebrate your pride in unique local natural heritage

Big Picture science supports healthy landscapes and biodiversity using Carolinian Canada’s Big Picture conservation vision, Big Picture Principles, Ecosystem Recovery best practices and Conservation Action Plan priorities endorsed by over 150 groups and municipalities.


Carolinian Canada
World Wildlife Fund-Canada
Download Program Overview - link to partner brief Updated July 2016

PILOT PARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS – the list is growing!

World Wildlife Fund Canada
Carolinian Canada Coalition
London Community Foundation
Beryl Ivey Endowment Fund for the Environment
Master Gardeners of London and Middlesex
Dorchester Mill Pond Committee
Native Trees and Plants

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