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Grow Wild High School Boot Camps Continue in 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015 - 8:00pm

Carolinian Canada Coalition has developed a program targeted at youth to teach and inspire action towards species at risk recovery in Ontario called the Grow Wild Boot Camp. 

Already environmentally active youth either through their studies, clubs or leadership programs are targeted to participate in a one day workshop designed to connect them with local biodiversity issues while providing them with the tools to implement habitat projects for species at risk recovery.  Participants will select an issue that has sparked their interest and work in small teams to develop their own campaigns of influence and action to engage others in their school/ community. Under the guidance of Carolinian Canada Coalition and other local community partners, youth will implement their campaigns for rare species stewardship actions.

The program was piloted in five areas of the province in 2014.  Campaigns that developed from the students range based on local issues that resonated with them including: going door to door to encourage urban homeowners to plant native trees for energy savings, including involving the school horticulture class in growing native trees; organizing a trail system for ATVs to encourage their use in designated areas; working with homeowners to create backyard B & Bs such as pollinator habitat for Monarchs and bees; and an education campaign focused on increasing awareness of the importance of snakes to stop their persecution.  One environmental leadership class has decided to work together as a whole class and develop a one day environmental education forum in which they are hosting, organizing and delivering for members of the Elgin County community in January 2015. 

The program has been again funded by TD Friends of the Environment and will be delivered this spring, 2015 to four schools in the Lambton/Chatham-Kent and Windsor/Essex Region.

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