The SOSS is a journey to connect places by restoring the flow of seed | Carolinian Canada

The SOSS is a journey to connect places by restoring the flow of seed

The SOSS acknowledges/recognizes that southern Ontario is the unceded traditional territories of many nations, where Indigenous people continue to steward ancestral seed, as they have for millennia in this place. Rooted in the land, plant communities express the history of the land to those that understand them. Healthy plant populations sustain processes of both dispersal and local adaptation based on this heritage and these connections.

Southern Ontario is a highly productive landscape, but its unique ecosystems face many pressures driven by colonial attitudes and practices, such as habitat loss, invasive species, pollution and climate change. This region is home to the highest diversity of wild species, a quarter of Canada’s human population, and is home to more Species at Risk than anywhere else in the country. Less than 15% of this landscape is protected and habitat levels in some areas are far below the 30-50% minimum recommended for healthy landscapes.

On this landscape the SOSS will help protect healthy plant populations as seed sources for future restoration, including historical remnants and old growth ecosystems. It will support, uncover, and accelerate new opportunities and innovations to grow seed orchards and a robust connective network of healthy habitat and high-quality natural infrastructure.

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