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Ontario Native Plants

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Mail Order Available
City: Hamilton

Available for Sale:

Trees & Shrubs, Wildflowers, Grasses, Sedges, Terrestrial plants, Wetland plants

Ontario Native Plants Features:

Guaranteed locally-sourced material only (within Ontario & seed zone)
NO Aquatic Invasive Species sold (see OIPC list)
NO Terrestrial Invasive species sold (see OIPC list)
ONLY ethically-sourced plants sold (i.e., no habitat damage or impacts on natural populations)
Plant product source history available
Sells Guaranteed Carolinian Zone native plants
Sells Guaranteed Ontario native plants

Other Services Provided:

Ontario Native Plants is here to provide homeowners, garden enthusiasts and native plant lovers with locally sourced, locally grown native trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses. Our wholesale nursery has specialized in providing commercial customers with native plants for the past 14 years. Ontario Native Plants was set up to be able to provide the great plants we are already growing to individuals and homeowners. We sell our plants through our website,, and ship them to you from our wholesale nursery in Hamilton. Our plants are carefully packed and will arrive in your hands within 1-2 days. Our shipping season is open from mid-May until autumn. All of the plants we sell are 1 - 2 year plug old seedlings.