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Explore this passport to find the plant for you! Everyone can be a climate-smart wildlife hero, whether you are starting from scratch or a master gardener. Growing just one native plant helps to reverse centuries of habitat loss.

Still not sure what to plant? Carolinian Canada is working with Indigenous youth to make My Climate-Smart Wild Garden Kits available with seeds for a healthy green future and support you at home. Subscribe or follow to stay updated.

Track Your Garden

You can start from scratch, or you can update your tracker for healthy garden points.

10K Giveaway Guidelines

Participants who tracked their Healthy Garden Points with In the Zone from September 2020 to March 15, 2021 were automatically “counted in” for monthly garden giveaways and a grand prize wildlife garden design makeover.

This passport will take you on an adventure in your yard to transform your world.

  • Meet local experts growing climate-smart yards and gardens in the Carolinian Zone.
  • Find out what people are doing in London, Ontario for growing healthy, climate-resilient landscapes.
  • Get recommendations for climate-adaptive indigenous plants for sunny, shady or wet spots.
  • Join a virtual wild garden party.
  • Be a wildlife hero in Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden.

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Your Climate Survival Kit

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Your garden can grow a green future for wildlife and people in your neighbourhood. Get Healthy Garden Points, join our community, explore nature, share your knowledge, help wildlife, and get climate-smart. Count your garden in today and start BEFORE you plant!

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden