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Fostering Habitat Action in an Age of Persuasion

October 20, 2011 in Woodstock, Ontario

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We wish to thank the members of our network who recently attended our sold out Social Marketing workshop on October 20th. We are fortunate to be able to offer most of the presentations here in Power Point format and as webinars. Please feel free to share this link with others who may be interested.

Workshop Overview

On October 20th, 40 friends and members interested in strengthening conservation communications joined us to share stories, learn from innovative case studies and discuss how, by streamlining collaborative messages, we can foster and increase stewardship through Community Based Social Marketing.

It's challenging to convince people to adopt nature-friendly habits. This is an era where competing messages bombard us. How can we ensure our voice is heard, understood and acted upon?

One solution is to employ Community Based Social Marketing (CBSM) techniques to engage our audiences. CBSM uses tools such as pledges and prompts to foster sustainable activities. The use of CBSM in the conservation field is relatively new and there is much to learn.

Representatives from Parks Canada, the Horticultural Outreach Collaborative, Royal Botanical Gardens and CCC shared some of their experiences using social marketing methods to increase conservation awareness. We also heard from an array of audience members about their outreach programs through our Shout Out! 5 min. update session.

Throughout the day, participants collaborated in joint discussion sessions. Our Draft Discussion Paper served as a basis for talking about how various projects might benefit from a joint outreach strategy that will foster habitat action related to conservation elements such as rare species, trails, urban green space and coastal areas.

Please note: A Workshop Discussion and Analysis paper will be available to download in the New Year.

Presenter Name Presentation Title Powerpoint Presentation Webinar Useful Links
Brian Hutchinson Using Social Marketing Principles to Affect Behavioural Change Towards the Intentional Harm of Snakes in Ontario
Colleen Cirillo Horticulture Outreach Collaborative Part1
Jodi Vanderheyden Veggie Village: 100 mile Produce Gardens at RGB Part1
Part 2
RBG Veggie Village Youtube Video
Bronwen Buck Blazing the Way: Coastal Trails and Biodiversity Awareness in Carolinian Canada Part1
Biodiversity Awareness Trail

Please excuse the repeated beeping sound in the webinar. We have determined the cause, but in this case cannot edit it out.


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