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A Map to the Future: Carolinian Canada Strategic Plan

The Carolinian Canada Coalition is a unique organization in this region, filling the gap between national and local programs. As the zone is increasingly recognized as a priority for conservation, taking the time to build our core capacity is a natural evolution in the history of this organization. It is a response to increased participation of our members and partners.

The Coalition has worked under a variety of organizational structures in the past reflecting its history as a collaborative. Recently, our management committee and allies have recognized a strong need for Carolinian Canada Coalition to become incorporated as a registered charity in order to raise funds independently and manage key programs. To support an incorporated structure, a solid organizational foundation is needed to carry out major programs, provide accountability and expand to new program areas as needed. Feedback on this move from partner organizations is positive, as they recognize and support the continuation of a strong Coalition.

The Coalition is concurrently developing comprehensive strategic plan. This document is crucial to map out how our organization fits into and can best support the wider goals of the conservation community.

Your participation as a member, stakeholder or interested resident of Carolinian Canada is encouraged as we grow together towards a greener future.

Complete our On-line Stakeholder Survey to help guide our Strategic Plan (6 Questions / 15 minutes) and receive a set of 6 Carolinian Canada Signature Sites Cards (while supplies last).

The November 2005 Stakeholder Meeting was a great success. Proceedings available.

Our membership approved an inaugural board structure at our May 2005 AGM.

For your reference: Strategic Planningbackground and timelines for development

Comment on our Draft Strategic Plan, which will be posted in 2006

Join Us for our first official AGM planned for fall 2006 to launch our newly incorporated board and new Strategic Plan.

Watch this website for details or sign up for our CCC E-NEWS notices.

This project is generously funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.