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Photo:  Parks Canada
Photo: Parks Canada
Henslow's Sparrow, Ammodramus henslowii

Henslow's sparrow is an endangered species in Canada. Despite its wide breeding range in North America, the Henslow's sparrow is in steady decline because of the scarcity of undisturbed meadows, its nesting habitat.

Natural history: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources fact sheet

Distribution and threats: See the National Audubon Society's page on the Henslow sparrow.

Photo:  P. Allen Woodliffe
Photo: P. Allen Woodliffe
Fox Snake, Elaphe vulpina

The Eastern fox snake, a species found only in the Great Lakes region, is threatened in Ontario, where it has most of its range. Though protected, it is in decline due to loss of its preferred habitat: oak savanna and tallgrass prairie.

A large, docile member of the constrictor family, it is often mistaken for a copperhead or rattlesnake.

Natural history: See the Rouge River Project's description of the fox snake.

Photo:  Ross Brown
Photo: Ross Brown
Great Spangled Fritillary, Speyeria cybele

The adult great spangled fritillary feeds on milkweed and other meadow flowers. The larva feeds on the leaves of violet species.

Natural history: Virtual West Virginia's fact sheet on the great spangled fritillary has photos of various life stages.

Photo: Donald Kirk
Photo: Donald Kirk
Karner Blue, Lycaeides melissa samuelis

A former resident of pine and oak savanna in Ontario, the karner blue butterfly is now extirpated from Canada, and is rare throughout its American range. The larva's only natural food source is wild blue lupine, Lupinus perennis.

Natural history and conservation: See the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service fact sheet on the karner blue.

Photo:  Cathy Quinlan
Photo: Cathy Quinlan
Coral Hairstreak, Satyrium titus

Natural history: See Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre's information on the Coral Hairstreak.

Photo:  Cathy Quinlan
Photo: Cathy Quinlan
Bronze Copper, Lycaena hyllus

See field notes at the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centre, and additional photos of male and female specimens.

Photo:  Cathy Quinlan
Photo: Cathy Quinlan
Bog Copper, Lycaena epixanthe

See field notes from Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

Photo:  Cathy Quinlan
Photo: Cathy Quinlan
Banded Hairstreak, Satyrium calanus

See field notes from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

Photo:  P. Allen Woodliffe
Photo: P. Allen Woodliffe
Spider, Argiope riparia

Photo:  Mathis Natvik
Photo: Mathis Natvik
Badger, Taxidea taxus jacksoni

The American badger has two subspecies in Canada, both which are listed as endangered. Subspecies jacksoni is native to prairie habitats of Ontario.

Read natural history notes from Selected Wildlife of Southern Oregon or visit for more information about this species

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