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Conservation Education & Awards    


Conservation Education and Awards


Carolinian Canada emphasizes the need for conservation education to raise the awareness about Carolinian species, ecosystems and their conservation. Education in the broadest sense includes elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education, research, outdoor education, nature interpretation, awareness building, professional development and landowner extension. The Coalition provides information, sponsors events , issues publications, provides speakers for community events and issues conservation awards all in support of conservation education. A community marking program honours past conservation efforts.

Professional development

Professional development for ecologists, planners and other environmental professionals is supported through Carolinian Canada's conferences, workshops and publications.

Landowner Information

Private landowners own most Carolinian natural areas and their stewardship has conserved these habitats to the present. Carolinian Canada and many other conservation groups work with landowners to provide information and assist landowners in making good conservation choices for their properties.

Recognition and Awards

To recognize and honour conservation accomplishments, Carolinian Canada sponsors annual conservation awards. Nominations are welcomed from all groups and members of the public.

In the past couple of years, with the assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Carolinian Canada has begun erecting permanent plaques at many of the 38 Carolinian Canada sites across the region to celebrate conservation achievements at these sites that began in the 1980s. Find out more about this community marking program.

Speaking Engagements & Displays for Community Events

Our Executive Director undertakes many speaking engagements throughout the year to inform community groups about the need to conserve Carolinian species and ecosystems. We attend many major community events with displays and printed materials to promote conservation. Contact us for more information.

Conservation Education at Schools, Colleges & Universities

Carolinian Canada seeks to assist educators in teaching ecological science and conservation at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education levels. Materials on this web site assist students in researching and undertaking course-related projects. Carolinian species and habitats, conservation programs and publications sections of the web site provide valuable information for those purposes.

Research by college and undergraduate and graduate university students is encouraged. Some excellent research projects have already been completed by students some of which we hope to post here soon. 

Outdoor and environmental education in the region provides a vital function informing young people about nature conservation. Carolinian Canada supports the work of Environmental Education Ontario and other environmental and outdoor education organizations.

Nature interpretation programs are provided at many of the parks, protected areas and conservation lands in the Carolinian zone.

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