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1984 Carolinian Canada Sites
Parks, Wildlife & Conservation Areas and Trails in Carolinian Canada

Many parks, conservation areas and trails across Carolinian Canada offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and our Carolinian wildlife. This list includes some of the more accessible locations. You can also purchase "The Hike Ontario Guide to Walks in Carolinian Canada" from your local bookseller or from Hike Ontario.

Carolinian Canada Sites

In 1984, 38 sites were identified as critical natural areas in a study by the identification sub-committee of Carolinian Canada. Many of these sites are now owned by conservation organizations and can be visited today, and provide excellent places to explore Carolinian ecosystems.

Carolinian Canada, working with local partners, is placing permanent plaques at many of these 38 sites honouring efforts to protect the sites, assisted by the Trillium Foundation.

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National & Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas, Trails and Other Sites

Conservation Areas





Other Sites

Other sites include non-governmental Conservation Groups, Land Trusts,
First Nations and Provincial agencies.

National & Provincial Parks
& Wildlife Areas
Conservation Areas
Other Sites

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