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Wildflower Farm

Contact Information

Street Address: 10195 Hwy 12 West test
Street Address Line 2: R R 2
City: Coldwater
Postal Code: L0K 1E0
State/Province: ON
District/County: Simcoe County
Phone Number: +1 07053272828
Email: paul@wildflowerfarm.com
Website: http://www.wildflowerfarm.com
Type: Commercial
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
Availability Period: All Year
Was a Go Wild Grow Wild Sponsor: 2

Wildflower Farm Features

  • Sells a mix of native and non native plants
  • Sells guaranteed Carolinian Zone plants
  • Sells guaranteed Ontario native plants
  • Plant product source history available
    Wildflower Farm has been producing organic, farm grown wildflower and native grass seed since 1988
  • Was a Go Wild Grow Wild Sponsor: 2
  • Society for Ecological Restoration certified staff are available
  • Guaranteed locally-sourced material only (within Ontario & seed zone)
  • ONLY ethically-sourced plants sold (i.e., no habitat damage or impacts on natural populations)
  • NO Aquatic Invasive Species sold (see OIPC list)
  • NO Terrestrial Invasive species sold (see OIPC list)
  • Mail Order Available

Available for Sale