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Ecosystem Recovery Forum 2013 - Save the Date

The Big Picture


November 4-5th, 2013, Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, ON

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Carolinian Canada and Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) are partnering to bring you the 2013 Ecosystem Recovery Forum, with the theme of monitoring ecological change across the Carolinian life zone.  The Forum will explore the rapid advances in remote sensing tools, the flowering of citizen science initiatives, the monitoring of rare species populations and habitats, and many other related topics, in a concurrent session format.  We will ask where do all the data go, and how are they best used to rebuild healthy ecosystems?

The Forum will kick-off with a public event on the evening of November 4th with keynote speaker John Riley (Senior Science Advisor, the Nature Conservancy of Canada) who will present on his new book, "The Once and Future Great Lakes Country: An Ecological History" in the RBG auditorium.  “The Once and Future Great Lakes Country” is a history of environmental change in the Great Lakes region, looking as far back as the last ice age, and also reflecting on modern trajectories of change, many of them positive. The evening will also showcase the wide range of citizen science initiatives that contribute to our monitoring efforts.

November 5th brings together conservation practitioners from across the Carolinian zone and beyond to share monitoring successes and challenges, and gain knowledge and inspiration from each other's accomplishments. Sessions will focus on “Monitoring Landscapes and Large Systems” and “Species-scale Monitoring & Project Reporting”.

Watch the Forum Webpage for updates and registration information. Space is limited and there is an early bird registration discount so plan to register early. Look for an email with registration information by end of August. In addition, members of the Royal Botanical Gardens or Carolinian Canada Coalition will receive a discount at registration so renew your memberships now!

Plan to join us for this great event!

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