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Big Picture Principles: Alien Invasives

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 - 7:00pm

Ontario's Invasive Species Act, bill 167, has recently received royal assent.  Invasive species are identified as a major global threat to biodiversity and are the focus of several Carolinian Canada Conservation Action Plan recommendations, and so we are announcing the release of Carolinian Canada Coalition's position statement on invasive species and the first of a new series of Big Picture Principles documents.

We invite comment from our members and network to promote constructive discussion and advance a collaborative conservation strategy for the ecoregion.  This is a living document, and we are excited to get your input!

Big Picture Principles: Invasive Species

The document outlines Carolinian Canada's position on alien invasive species:

  • Alien invasive species have been a problem for generations in the Carolinian zone
  • Dealing with invasive species must be through large-scale collaboration
  • Carolinian Canada’s Big Picture strategies to promote and protect ecosystem health and recovery
  • Prevention is the most effective, economical and ecologically sound approach to managing invasive species.  When prevention fails, early detection and rapid response are crucial
  • Ecological restoration can build resilience into the ecosystem by reducing likelihood of infestations and ensuring native species have enough habitat
  • Control and management are generally "last-resort" options

You can read the full document online here

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