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Help wildlife thrive, one garden at a time.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Written by: David Miller, president and CEO, WWF-Canada & Michelle Kanter, executive director, Carolinian Canada

Have you ever wondered what your property looked like hundreds of years ago?

If you live in Canada’s Carolinian Zone – a biodiverse ecoregion nestled between the Great Lakes, stretching from Toronto to Windsor – it’s possible that your little piece of Canada was once part of an old growth forest or wetland home for wildlife. Southern flying squirrels glided through mature hardwood forests, monarchs thrived in meadows of abundant milkweed and wood frogs made the journey from their tadpole pools to their new homes in wooded ravines.

Today, mature hardwood forests aren’t as abundant. The green corridors adjoining the wood frog’s wet and wooded habitats are fragmented. And the milkweed plants that sustain monarch caterpillars are waning as habitat is replaced by non-native plants or sprayed with pesticides.

You can help restore the Carolinian Zone to its natural state and protect the region’s incredible diversity of wildlife by gradually transforming your green spaces into garden habitats with In the Zone, a new native gardening program by WWF-Canada and Carolinian Canada.

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