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Become a Citizen Scientist

Watch for Wildlife! Join a Citizen Science Species Monitoring Program

You can play an important role in scientific research by becoming a citizen scientist.  Citizen science programs use networks of volunteers to conduct scientific research; science done by nonprofessional scientists!   

In environment conservation, citizen science often involves having citizens report observations of species or habitats across broad geographic areas over long periods of time.  With the help of hundreds or thousands of citizen scientists, large data sets are created and researchers can analyse the data to provide meaningful information about species conservation. 

You do not need formal training, just interest and enthusiasm.

Citizen science programs cover a wide variety of species or areas of interest.   You can observe and report on the bird species that visit the bird feeder in your backyard.   You can go out and record the frogs that are found in a local wetland or report sightings of snakes and turtles on the road. 

One popular citizen science program is the Christmas Bird Count.  Taking place in over 2000 locations across North and Central America at the same time each year, the Christmas Bird Count provides valuable information about species distribution and abundance.

Get involved in citizen science! It is a great learning experience that will help you get more in touch with the wildlife in your own backyard while helping with species conservation.


Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

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