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Erie to Ontario Waterways for Wildlife Workshop

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Business and Biodiversity in the Golden Horseshoe

Photo of people participating in restoration work credit: T. Van Oostrom Did you know?  Numerous studies show that protecting open space can generate real economic benefits and improve the local tax base.Did you know? MBA graduates are willing to forego 5% of the expected pay to work for a company with a good reputation for environmental responsibility.

Carolinian Canada Coalition and our partners are working to engage corporate allies in building ecologically healthy, vibrant communities. The "Erie to Ontario Waterways for Wildlife" workshop will bring together businesses and conservation organizations working to preserve and restore natural ecosystems. With its roster of inspiring speakers from the business world and an array of innovative case studies (see agenda below), the workshop will spotlight the many exciting ways to get involved.

At the workshop you will discover:

  • Why helping biodiversity is good for business
  • What other businesses are doing
  • Funding opportunities for industry projects
  • Partnership and networking opportunities
  • How agencies and NGO's are helping businesses, and vice versa
  • Better understanding of relationships between healthy environments, biodiversity, vibrant communities and economic prosperity
  • The many exciting, low-cost (or no cost) ways to get involved

Projects are catered to the specific needs and interests of businesses. Come learn more about opportunities for your business in your community!

Registration cost: $20 (to help cover catering costs) Don't Forget to check out the Presenter Bios to find out a little about who will be speaking at the workshop!



8:30     Registration

9:00     Welcome and opening remarks (Luc Robitaille, Corporate Director Environment, Holcim)

9:10     Recycling, Sustainability, Stewardship, and Biodiversity – A Personal Journey (Jon Grant, Ontario Biodiversity Council [& former CEO, Quaker Oats])

9:30     Carolinian Canada:  The Need for Action (Jarmo Jalava, Carolinian Canada Coalition)

9:50     The Business Case for Biodiversity (Steve Hounsell, Ontario Power Generation / Ontario Biodiversity Council)

10:15   The “Huron to Erie Waterways for Wildlife” Project (Martha Gruelle, Project Director, Wildlife Habitat Council)

10:35   Break

10:45   Regional Case Studies

1. Case studies from “Huron to Erie Waterways for Wildlife” Project:

CF Industries Naturalization Projects in Lambton County (Anne Armstrong, CF Industries; Jake Lozon, Lambton Stewardship Network)

BASF projects in the Detroit River area (Fred Deslisle, BASF)

2. Biodiversity Conservation through Quarry Rehabilitation (Luc Robitaille, Corporate Director Environment, Holcim)

3. Greening Corporate Grounds (Donna Havinga, Credit Valley Conservation)

12:05   Lunch (& view posters and displays)

1:00     Local Case Studies (15 minutes each):

1. Niagara Restoration Council / Ontario Power Generation (Deanna Lindblad, NRC/NPCA; Tony Van Oostrom, OPG)

2. The Niagara Natural Heritage Ecological Framework (Mike Rose, Stewardship Coordinator, LandCare Niagara)

3. Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Stewardship Program (Jocelyn Baker, Manager, Watershed Stewardship)

4. Working with the development community to conserve and steward land (Natalie Kiers, Executive Director, Niagara Land Trust)

5. Heartland Forest (Elisabeth Graham & Amy Brunning, Heartland Forest)

2:30     “How you can get involved” overview (Daria Koscinski, CCC)

2:45     Break (grab a snack & coffee and move directly to break-out group tables)

2:50     Breakout groups

1. site restoration/rehabilitation

2. staff engagement

3. supporting community projects

4. conservation easements and innovative land protection initiatives

3:30     Summaries of discussions from break out groups, Q & A

4:00     Closing remarks (Jarmo Jalava & Daniel Shoag)

Our Supporters:

Ontario Power GenerationThe Government of Ontario, Environment Canada and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

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