Big Picture Protected Areas Webinar

Protecting our Unique Nature

We live in Canada’s most biologically diverse area, and Ontario’s most populous region!

How would you like to see it protected?

Join the Conversation.

Carolinian Canada and the Big Picture Protected Areas Task Force are convening partners for a protected areas strategy for the Carolinian Zone from Toronto to Windsor. We invite you to join the conversation to enhance protection of our unique nature.

This initiative aims to take an enhanced collaborative approach to achieving greater area-based biodiversity conservation with a focus on place-based voluntary solutions supported by a network of private, public and indigenous partners.

The webinar will feature

  • A 30-minute information session about the Big Picture protected areas initiative by Jarmo Jalava, Protected Areas specialist with Carolinian Canada Executive Director Michelle Kanter
  • Discussion about protected area targets in the Carolinian Zone. All webinar attendees are encouraged to participate

Find out about

  • Approaches for Protected Areas in harmony with a working, private landscape
  • Opportunities for Indigenous partnerships
  • How to nominate potential protected areas for assessment
  • Our National strategy to meet international targets for 17% protected lands by 2020
  • Big Picture Protected Areas Survey and Discussion paper
  • Upcoming series of events
  • How you can collaborate to enhance protection of your unique nature

Only 2.5% of our natural habitat has protected status in the Carolinian Zone, and healthy habitat needed for resilient landscapes, wildlife, productive soils, safe water, clean air and healthy communities is declining.

There is probably no landscape in Canada more in need of an innovative, collaborative, protected areas strategy than Carolinian Zone in Southern Ontario, our most biologically diverse, cultivated and heavily-populated region. However, there are exciting opportunities to collaborate in new ways to protect local biodiversity.

Carolinian Canada serves to enable, grow and track progress across hundreds of partners working together for a green future. We do not directly protect land. We invite you to join the conversation.

Big Picture Protected Areas Webinar:
Protecting our Unique Nature
45 minute Webinar - free
Wednesday, September 19 at 11 am
via GoTo Webinar

Big Picture Protected Areas Webinar: Protecting our Unique Nature is the first in a series of upcoming public events introducing Carolinian Canada's Protected Areas Strategy

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