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Ecosystem Recovery Forum 2014 - Files

Forum Files

Related information materials and documents for the 2014 Ecosystem Recovery Forum can be found bellow.

Draft Forum Program

Get the draft program bellow.  This file will be updated as changes are made.

Science Advisory Committee Report Card Big Picture meeting summary

Get the Science Advisory Committee report bellow.

Carolinian Canada is working to update the Big Picture with new information and to find ways to monitor how well we are doing to achieve this vision—since all of Carolinian Canada’s work contributes to realizing of the Big Picture vision some way.  The "Big Picture Report Card" will be a succinct high-level tracking tool of ecosystem health and trends.  It will measure the effectiveness of government policy, ongoing stewardship and restoration initiatives, and public engagement in conservation action in our diverse but fragile ecoregion, the Carolinian life zone of southern Ontario (Ecoregion 7E).  The underlying questions it will strive to answer are:  Are we realizing Carolinian Canada's Big Picture Vision of a healthy, functioning landscape of natural cores and corridors, thriving biologically-diverse ecosystems, clean air, clean water, and prosperous human communities?  Or are things moving in the opposite direction?  And where do we need to make changes to be most effective in our ecosystem recovery efforts?

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Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact for more information