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#CarolinianLove Photo Contest - 2019 Winning Photos

The 2019 photo contests has ended. Thanks to everyone who has submitted and donated their photos!

read the contest rules for more information.

Thank you to our Photographers!

We invited the people of Ontario to “Show Us Their Love…of Nature” and donate their best photos as a contribution to Carolinian Canada’s outstanding conservation work. Each of their photos are indeed worth a thousand words and will be used to inspire stewardship of the biodiversity of the Carolinian Zone. Photos can be donated year-round.

Please be aware that these photos have been donated to Carolinian Canada for their proprietary use. As such they are now protected by copyright. Do not copy or reproduce these photos in any format without the specific approval of the photographer or the Executive Director of Carolinian Canada.

Best Photo

Dave Baird

White-crowned Sparrow - Backyard Guests

Wildlife and Landscapes

1st Place

Brian Lasenby

Snowberry Clearwing nectaring on a Buttonbush flower

2nd Place

Andrew Campbell

Endangered Blanding's turtle sunning on a log

3rd Place

Linda Menard-Watt

Vernal Pool in Spring - Point Pelee National Park

People in Nature

1st Place

Marie-France Tremblay

A mysterious little critter house. Children explore while they compare their imaginations and what the evidence tells them of a wildlife habitat component.

2nd Place

Violet Verhoog

Jumping over a fallen log at Wheatley Provincial Park

3rd Place

Hugh Casbourn

Avian First Aid - This female Yellow Warbler flew into the side of a black SUV. Stunned, the bird was picked up and kept warm until it perked up eight minutes later and flew to perch in a tree.

Green Business

1st Place

Virginia Brown

Walnut Farm

2nd Place

Ross Atkinson

Trail Signs produced by a small business and promoting local enterprises.

3rd Place

Sharon Poelstra

A Monarch butterfly in the registered Monarch Waystation garden at the Monarchs on Avon B&B that offers green tourism.

Thank you to all of our photographers!

Ross Atkinson, Forest
Waheeda Bahab, Waterloo
Dave Baird, Tillsonburg
Kayla Bezkorow, Brantford
Perry Blanchard, Port Stanley
Virginia Brown, London
Andrew Campbell, Windsor
Hugh Casbourn, London
Lynda Corkum, LaSalle
Alexandria Desmarais, Belle River
Sue Dodds, St Thomas
Karen Durance, Sarnia
Carrie Fraleigh De Schutter, Kettle Point
Kate Fraser, london
Susan Godin, London
Brian Lasenby, Grand Bend
Linda Longman, Lucan
Brandi Lowe, Plympton Wyoming
Lisa Mason, London
Kelly McConnell, London
Carleigh McInnes, Muncey
Linda Menard-Watt, LaSalle
Marina Mikhaylova, London
Sharon Poelstra, Stratford
Liz Rogers, Kingsville
Bonnie Sitter, Exeter
Marie-France Tremblay, London
Violet Verhoog, Chatham
Daniel Werner, Hagersville

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