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"Friend" a Green Future

Annual General Meeting attendees
Photo: M. Kanter

What's Happening in the Carolinian Life Zone? Pressures to local ecosystems are accumulating and threatening the health of our communities. We are losing air, water and soil quality as our environment changes around us. This trend is affecting local economies, property values, personal health and quality of life for all.

The Carolinian Canada community has a Big Picture strategy...

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Carolinian Canada Friends = powerful drivers of positive change

1. Proactive.  The environment is rarely front page news except when there is an oil spill or other environmental disaster. Our network is focused on preventative prescriptions for healthy ecosystems. We work "behind the scenes" with municipalities and other sectors to focus on conservation priorities and find community-friendly solutions that engage key audiences.  

2. Team Approach.  A functional network is essential to stewarding healthy ecosystems across jurisdictions.  We facilitate a team approach to identifying and implementing priority conservation actions.  We link caring people and groups to collaborate for shared goals on the landscape.  We collaborate with health, economy and culture sectors to save the natural wealth of this region.

3. Save, Steward, Seed.  Working together, Coalition members have protected thousands of hectares in core habitats, stewarded close to one-third of Canada's rare species and restored critical natural connections across the Zone.

4. Outside our Comfort Zone.  We recognize that conservation starts with people, including those that don't always support conservation.  We work with new audiences to build relationships, start small and share knowledge both ways.  Each sector brings a fresh perspective, a fresh challenge and new solutions.  Our strongest allies sometimes come from the most surprising sources.

5. Leaders.  Our network grows by supporting leaders in each sector. By recognizing leaders, we assist their work to engage peers and demonstrates best practices.   

6. Science-driven.  Our long-term plan for conservation is science-based, collaborative and realistic. Currently, we are building the capacity of hundreds of groups and communities in Biodiversity Hotspots to steward rare species and habitats

 7. Local Action, Global Thinking.  We are growing a global model for landscape conservation.  Our Ecosystem Recovery program, centred on biodiversity hotspot communities, is the one of the largest and most effective programs of its kind in Canada.

8. Collaborative Vision.  Our Big Picture strategy brings together input from diverse partners and provides a template for visionary conservation policies, planning and action.  It has been adopted by many groups including local and provincial governments, community stewardship groups, landowners and businesses.

9.  Celebrating Success.  In 30 years, our community has grown in scope, ambition and results.  From 38 critical, unprotected sites to 110 Big Picture Core Habitats to 15 Biodiversity Hotspots for 160 Species at Risk, our focus on priorities has built an active, diverse community that supports healthy ecosystems.  We are not stopping here, though. We have big plans for the future to address growing threats. 

10. What are your Plans?  In public policy, environmental issues are often trumped by other interests, based on a gap in understanding that healthy biodiversity lies at the heart of a sustainable economy. If we can't look to our governments to make the necessary investments, we have to look to visionary Friends.

Our Friends are leaders of change.  Your pledge of $100 as a Carolinian Canada Friend will translate into $1,000 of green programming.

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