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How your Contribution supports Healthy Ecosystems

Ranger Camp Coastal Hike
Photo: Jenifer van Overbeeke

Our members are the lifeblood of the Coalition. You have shown great dedication over time, helping to create a sustainable, innovative and progressive conservation movement in southwestern Ontario. When you donate to the Coalition, you are saving our Carolinian treasures, stewarding rare species and habitats and seeding healthier communities.

Your pledge as a Carolinian Canada Friend supports these far-reaching programs:

  • Our Ecosystem Recovery Program focuses on 60+ Species at Risk in collaboration with 80+ leading groups in Biodiversity Hotspot communities through effective Conservation Action Planning.
  • We have grown our impact in Ecosystem Recovery, engaging youth & and landowners in species at risk recovery.
  • Our Coastal Zone program is highlighted by the Lake Erie Coastal Stewardship Trail. Many partners are joining the trail's vision to connect communities, habitat and conservation action.
  • Our Grow Wild program is saving habitat in partnership with thousands across the zone.
  • Our Carolinian Student Internship program expanded with partnerships at University of Western Ontario and the University of Waterloo, linking employers with qualified students.
  • Each Carolinian Canada Friend sends a message that people care about nature in southwestern Ontario. We take this message forward to policy discussions at all levels, from local to federal. Our voice is respected as a collaborative, problem-solving approach.

Carolinian Canada Coalition is careful to keep administrative costs low. With a long history of cost-efficient landmark conservation programs, the Coalition continues to take the term "shoe-string budget" seriously through tactics such as the Virtual Office and electronic newsletters.

Our rapid recent growth is a tribute not only to a visionary board, hard work and careful financial oversight, but also to generous support from our members, allies and partners. Isn't it nice to know that when contributing to Carolinian Canada, you can expect good financial stewardship for good environmental stewardship?

As we step up our capacity, we are asking you to step up your commitment. All it takes is a donation of $100 -- or choose our monthly plan, donating in installments as low as just $10

Thank you for all you do to protect the unique nature of southwestern Ontario.

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