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Group Membership

Benefits of Group Membership

  • Connect - Event discounts / “First in Line”, access to Local Networking Opportunities, Nominate a Director, EcoNews postings
  • Leverage - Big Picture Data, Expertise & consultation, “First in Line” for program support & promotion, Outreach & web tools
  • Share - Innovations, ideas, standards, Adaptive management of the Big Picture
  • Count - Your work as part of the Big Picture
  • Impact - Explore collaborative projects & cumulative results and be Recognized as a “Partner for Healthy Ecosystems”

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Note: As a purchasing contact, you must create a user account so that you can manage your organization's profile and membership. The first email field below is for the email address that you would like to associate with your account.  This is not your organization's account, so please use your own work email if available, or sign in if you already have a Carolinian Canada account.  Our network manager will be in contact with you to go over the details of your membership and primary and secondary contacts.

Carolinian Canada by-laws require two representatives for every group membership. Please enter the name and email of 2 representatives in the notes section




Membership Form

We are launching a new membership program for our 30th anniversary with significant benefits for group members. We welcome feedback and encourage existing members to consider participation in the Coalition in the new membership levels.

Seedling Member: Seedling Member Groups join the conversation on the ground floor. Get recognition, networking opportunities, and a seat to our upcoming Ecosystem Recovery Webinar Series

Canopy Member: Canopy Member Groups make change happen in a big way and get big benefits, including project support, networking and professional development opportunities, events and services discounts, unlimited seats to our upcoming Ecosystem Recovery Webinar Series

Choose your own membership level using the budget guideline above, minimum $50.
Organization Details
  Please provide the name and email address of primary and secondary contacts for this membership, as well as any other notes you would like included in the membership file.
  Carolinian Canada lists the names of our supporters and participants on our website, in our annual report and other program materials. We do not sell or trade your personal details.
If you would like to create an account on this site, check the box below and enter a Username and a password. If you already have an account please login before completing this form.
Group Membership Purchasing Contact Information

Please do not create a generic user account or generic contact person.

A personal Carolinian Canada user account is required for purchasing group membership.  This helps us keep track of who purchased the membership, as well as your contact information as a contact within your organization.