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Jarmo's Big Year for the Big Picture

Hello Friends! Since late 2013 I've hemmed and hawed about doing a Big Year of birding in celebration of Carolinian Canada's 30th anniversary. I am finally taking the plunge and making the pledge! What's held me back is that for the "30:30" campaign it would be nice to try the extreme challenge of observing 300 species of birds within the Carolinian life zone of Ontario within one 12-month period. With no small amount of birder's luck and the willingness to be "on-call" whenever a rare bird is reported this might be doable, but would involve burning A LOT of carbon and sacrificing a bit too much family and work time. So, I'm setting a more modest goal of trying to observe 270 (3 X 3 X 30) species in municipalities that overlap with the original Carolinian Canada boundaries (which means including Perth County, where I live, and Ontario south of a line from Durham Region to Huron County). Even this won't be a cinch. Anyway, the most important thing is that it's to support Carolinian Canada. Please consider matching my personal pledge of $1 per species towards this campaign, and/or becoming a member of our organisation.
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