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Big Picture Principles: Alien Invasives

Big Ideas for Collaborative Conservation across Carolinian Canada 

Prepared by: O. Williams, J.V. Jalava and M. Kanter 
October 2015

Sent to Carolinian Canada Science Advisory Committee for review,
with input received from Dr. M. McFarlane and Mark Dupuis-Desormeaux

Synopsis: Collaborate. Prevent. Target.

  • Alien invasive species have been a problem for generations in the Carolinian zone, but in recent years their ecological and economic impact has grown. The Carolinian Zone is among the most susceptible regions of the province, and of Canada, now and for the future. 
  • All aspects of dealing with invasive species (prevention, early response, long term control) must be in the context of large scale collaboration, since no single group or organization will be able to address species invading at a regional scale. 
  • Carolinian Canada’s Big Picture strategies, developed in collaboration with hundreds of groups and individuals, to promote and protect ecosystem health and recovery are the best context for CCC’s leadership in dealing with alien invasives.
  • Prevention will always be the most effective, economical and ecologically sound approach to managing invasive species.  When prevention fails, early detection and rapid response are crucial if serious infestations are to be prevented. 
  • Ecological restoration can build resilience into the ecosystem by reducing the likelihood of infestations and ensuring that desirable but vulnerable native species have enough habitat to maintain viable population levels. 
  • Control and management are generally "last-resort" options to address invasions that are impacting species and ecosystems of very high conservation concern. These options may be practical in localized situations where management is feasible and adequate resources are available to ensure successful long-term outcomes.  Where feasible, these options may also be taken, often in collaboration with multiple stakeholders, on a regional or landscape scale for high-impact invasives.

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