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Resilient Neighbourhoods

Resiliency is defined as being able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. As climate change creates more problems in our world and communities, it is more important than ever that neighbourhoods are able to respond quickly to difficult situations like floods, droughts, pandemics and other climate change induced issues.

What can you do to make your neighbourhood resilient?

  • You can join an existing neighbourhood group 
  • You can start a neighbourhood pod. A pod is a group of 5-30 people who are working to support each other. This can be a non-geographical community (eg. people who work together, a faith-based group) but this guide is for people who live in the same neighbourhood or building and are looking to support one another—both virtually and, when following safety protocols, in-person. More info here.
  • Remember, building resilience looks different for each neighbourhood because every neighbourhood is unique! It may include more community activities, sharing free resources, hosting regular events and meet-ups, and/or supporting advocacy for green spaces and initiatives in the community.


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