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Intro to Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes from various sources such as the sun, wind, ground heat or water movement. Typical options for renewable energy use at your home include geothermal heating and cooling and solar panels. Renewable energy does not emit greenhouse gas emissions during use and helps reduce your carbon footprint.

Ways to Support Renewable Energy:

  • If you want to support renewable energy projects, but can’t install them on your home, consider offsetting your emissions with Bullfrog Power, Carbonzero or ReForest London.
  • Find other ways to conserve energy at home by checking out this conservation guide.
  • Get a quote for renewable energy

Find out if you could add renewable energy to your home

Figuring out what renewable energy options are available, how much they cost and who can install them can be time consuming and overwhelming. We suggest starting by researching and getting quotes from licensed contractors, figuring out costs and then choosing an option.

Consider reading these guides to familiarize yourself with the options.

Some Renewable Energy Contractors in Southwestern Ontario: