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Celebrate 30 Years of Significant Conservation with Carolinian Canada!


Carolinian Canada is celebrating our 30th anniversary with an exciting campaign, the 30 for 30 Celebration!  Celebrate the impact of the Carolinian Canada Coalition on our natural heritage by participating in events through the Carolinian Zone, sharing stories of success and inspiration and challenging yourself to get back to nature in a fun and exciting way. 

Celebrate the natural beauty of the Carolinian Life Zone by participating in thirty exciting events through the Carolinian Zone.  These events will offer an opportunity to explore new locations and participate in some of the wonderful events hosted by Carolinian Canada Coalition Members through the year.   Be sure to visit as many as you can and keep track with the 30/30 passport.  

Click here for more information and the list of events.

Click here to submit your event for the 30 for 30 Celebration.

Challenge yourself to get out an experience the wonder of Carolinian Canada this year!  How many Signature Sites can you visit?  How many species can you spot? Get outside and hike, paddle, and explore your way through the natural beauty surrounding you while raising funds to support the Carolinian Canada Coalition.

Click here for more information and to support a 30/30 Challenger.

Click here to register for the 30/30 Challenge.

Change ideas and attitudes by sharing stories of success and inspiration with the Carolinian Canada Network.  Inspire others by sharing the a story about the impact that the Carolinian Canada Coalition has had on the natural heritage of your area, a special encounter you have had with nature or what sustains your love of Carolinian Canada.

Click here for more information and to read stories shared by the Carolinian Canada network.

Click here to submit your story for the 30/30 Celebration. 

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Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact info@carolinian.org for more information