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June 2013

Standup for Carolinian Canada This Summer!

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With summer arriving, people will do as they always have and head to the beach. I will too. That's because I'll be participating in an event called the Lake Erie North Shore Standup, to help raise funds for Carolinian Canada. The "Standup" part of the event refers to Standup Paddleboarding. It's the fastest-growing watersport on the planet - sort of a hybrid of solo canoeing and surfing. The event is being led by an intrepid volunteer Katherine Balpataky, whose passion for both paddleboarding and conservation of the Lake Erie coast led her to take on the massive task of organizing it. I figure since I've tried most other watersports, I'd better try the fastest-growing one! There are ways you can get involved too: join us on July 20 in Port Colborne as a participant, a volunteer, or on some organized walks of some "South Coast Treasures" near the paddle route. Or support the event with a pledge - all proceeds go to the Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail 

Thanks to the support of Ontario Trillium Foundation, Parks Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment Canada and a host of other partners for supporting our programs to "Green the Future of southwestern Ontario".

Sandy Clipsham - Network Manager

Come see what Canada's South Coast
has to offer - HIT THE BEACH WITH US ON JULY 20

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This July 20, a group of outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists will be paddling in support of Carolinian Canada's Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail. The Lake Erie North Shore Standup is a challenging, 25-km open water paddleboard adventure along some of the most beautiful and popular stretches of the Lake Erie coastline. Would you like to get involved? Visit our website to donate or register for the event. Contact Sandy Clipsham ( for more info about volunteering opportunities or on-land activities on the event day.
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Carolinian Canada’s Board of Directors

Read the New Director's Bios
We would like to extend our thanks to our outgoing directors and officers Scott Peck, Peter Banks, Bill Graham, Paul General, Cara McCreary and Mike Halferty. Scott and Peter were honoured at our AGM for their years of dedicated service as Vice-Chair and Treasurer. We are welcoming eight new directors who started their terms June 1: Don Pearson, Marc Dupuis-Desormeaux, Mary Elder, Carla Grant, Audrey Heagy, Alistair MacKenzie, John Urquhart and Owen Williams. Don will take over as Chair from Gordon Nelson, who will continue to sit on the board as Past Chair. Ron-Wu Winter is taking over for Scott as our new Vice-Chair, and Mark Helm is taking over for Peter Banks as our Secretary-Treasurer.
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Carolinian Canada’s 2012-2013
Annual Report

Find Out More
Carolinian Canada’s 2012-2013 Annual Report is now available on our website. Our report summarizes the highlights over the past year, and recognizes our funders, members and partners who make all of our work possible. Thank you for helping us to Green the Future of southwestern Ontario! We look forward to your support in 2013-2014.
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2013 Ontario Nature Youth Summit for Biodiversity & Green Solutions

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Ontario Nature is holding their fourth annual Youth Summit September 20-22, 2013 at Geneva Park in Orillia.  The summit is open to students in grade 9-12, and features workshops and hands-on activities to help young Ontarians become environmental leaders in their community.

For the second year, Carolinian Canada is proud to sponsor one participant to attend the event.  To apply for the sponsorship, send us a short essay (1000 word maximum) explaining how you are helping to preserve, protect and restore the biodiversity of the Carolinian Life Zone through your school, volunteering, or work.  For more information, or to submit your application, contact Sarah at
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2013 Carolinian Canada Conservation Awards Announced

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On May 23 Carolinian Canada handed out ten Conservation Awards to deserving recipients at a ceremony held at Humber College. This was our 13th annual awards. Among those honoured, lifetime achievement awards were presented to Jane Bowles, Donald Craig, and Jim & Mary Smith, for their work spanning several decades on conservation issues in southwestern Ontario. Congratulations to all the recipients for making a difference.
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AGM 2013 a Success!
Click Here for the Program and Meeting Minutes
On May 23 and 24, conservation professionals, climate change experts, and concerned citizens gathered at Humber College for "Community Solutions in a Changing Climate". We were grateful for the partnership of the Association for Canadian Educational Resources and the Ontario Urban Forest Council for working together to make the symposium a success. The symposium tackled some key issues affecting southwestern Ontario and featured Carolinian Canada's AGM and 13th annual Conservation Awards. We officially welcomed our new chair, Don Pearson, along with several new board members, while also offering thanks to some long-serving board members who completed their terms. The events concluded with the preparation of a Climate Change Conference Statement 2013. (Details to be posted on ACRE’s Website)
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Your support helps save species, steward ecosystems and seed habitats in the Carolinian Life Zone. Together we are a strong community.
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Carolinian Canada in the News

Carolinian Canada's Jarmo Jalava Receives award for conservation
Click Here to Read All About It!

Assumption Catholic Elementary School is a Carolinian Canada Award Recipient!
Click here to read all about it in the St. Catharines Standard

Oakvillegreen is a Carolinian Canada Award Recipient
Click here to read all about it at

Climate Action Niagara’s Jane Hanlon is a Carolinian Canada Award Recipient!
Click here to read all about it at bullet news Niagara

Feature News

How Much Habitat is Enough? Third Edition
May, Canada
Environment Canada
Click Here to Learn More and Download the PDF
How Much Habitat is Enough? (3rd edition, 2013) describes the minimum amounts of wetland, forest, riparian and grassland habitat needed to help support populations of wildlife. The report provides an extensive literature review and 21 habitat guidelines to assist restorationists, land planners and other conservation practitioners to restore and protect wildlife habitat.
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Butterfly & Dragonfly Festival
July 14, Port Rowan
Nature's Calling! Environmental Education
Click Here to Learn More
Join Nature's Calling for a fun filled day of family hikes, butterfly gardening tips, live butterflies, and more!
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Take The Wilder World Challenge
by July 1, Online
Coalition Wild
Click Here to Enter
How are you creating a wilder world? Coalition Wild is a social movement of young people who are setting out to create a wilder world. Enter the Wilder World Challenge for a chance to present at WILD10 in Salamanca, Spain!
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Big Picture Talks

École Secondaire de Pain Court would like to thank Carolinian Canada for supporting our ESPC Carolinian Forest project.

Over the past 4 years, ESPC has planted 700 trees in a conservation effort that is unlike anything else found in northern Chatham-Kent. The project has created a collection of diverse deciduous Carolinian trees by gathering at least 3 trees of almost all of the trees listed in Trees of the Carolinian Forest (Gerry Waldron). The collection includes over 50 varieties such as Paw Paw, Beech, Sassafras, Basswood, Elm, Hickory, Birch, Tulip Tree, Black Gum, Hop Hornbeam, Ohio Buckeye, Chinquapin Oak, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Dwarf Hackberry, Prickly-ash, Witch-hazel and Nannyberry.

On May 1st 2013, 45 ESPC students planted the final 250 native trees. These 10th grade students had been discussing the project since their first day of the semester.

"At the beginning of the year, we were given a page with a tree name in French, English and Latin," said Julia Houle, 16. "When we have our tests, we write our tree name and that's how the teacher knows it's our test."

Houle, who was assigned the code name Blue-beech, said if students do extra field research on their tree, such as finding the tree or a leaf in the forest, they can earn extra points in class.

"It's one thing to hear about a tree and to learn facts about it, but to actually go see your tree in its natural environment is totally different," said Jordan Nael, 16, who is researching Eastern Cottonwood.

Daniel Belanger (Teacher) said it's not just about greening and the environment, it's also about building a sense of community for the students.

"Part of it is, this is our community. A lot of our students drive by this property every day," said Belanger. "It's incredible when you actually put your hands in something and participate in the growth - you take pride in it."

Thank you,
Daniel Bélanger
Teacher - École Secondaire de Pain Court (ESPC)
May 12th, 2013

Members Notice Board


Take the Healthy Hikes Challenge!
May - October, Ontario
Conservation Ontario
Register online to earn points for fabulous prizes while you hike Ontario's Conservation Areas!
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16th Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality Released
May, North America
International Joint Commission
Click Here to Read the Report
While sustained governmental and public efforts have measurably improved Great Lakes water quality, rapid reduction in ice cover and the resurgence of some pollutants like excess nutrients are among the indicators currently raising concerns. Based on contributions from a wide range of U.S. and Canadian experts, the report reveals a mix of achievements and challenges.
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Nominate a Latornell Leader!
By June 28, Ontario
A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium
Click Here to Learn More and Submit a Nomination
To commemorate their 20th anniversary this year, the A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium announces the establishment of the Latornell Leadership Award which recognizes significant leadership achievements by individuals to Ontario’s conservation. This award replaces the traditional Pioneer Award which acknowledged lifetime efforts.
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Celebrate 20 years with the latest NHIC Newsletter!
May, Ontario
Natural Heritage Information Centre
Click Here to Read the Newsletter
Read all about the work being done at the NHIC over this past year.
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Join the Ontario Whip-poor-will Project
May - August, Ontario
Bird Studies Canada
Click Here to Learn More
The Eastern Whip-poor-will is one of many aerial insectivore species experiencing worrisome population declines. This Project aims to help gain understanding of the bird's distribution and abundance in the province. You can help by reporting sightings!
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Water & Biodiversity: Cleaning Up Our Act
June, Online
Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network
Click Here to View the PDF
A new lesson curriculum-linked resource has been posted to the BEAN website. Water & Biodiversity: Cleaning Up Our Act includes case studies for grades 6 and 9, and was prepared to complement the theme of this year's International Biodiversity Day. These lesson plans are intended to raise awareness of the impact humans have had on aquatic ecosystems. Moreover, they are intended to make students aware of the conservation efforts that are ongoing in their communities, and to inspire hope and encourage action towards the protection of our critically important freshwater resources.
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Project Connects Forests at Airport
July, Windsor
Essex Region Conservation Authority
Click Here to Learn More
Students from the Dr. David Suzuki School in Windsor completed the first step in connecting two separate forests at the Windsor Airport this past month, with help from the Essex Region Conservation Authority, City of Windsor, Detroit River Canadian Cleanup and the Little River Enhancement Group.
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Trail On!
July, Essex Region
Essex Region Conservation Foundation
Click Here to Learn More
Want more trails? Passionate about the environment? Just looking to do something fun and exciting with your friends and family? Adopt a metre of the Greenway! We will provide you with the GPS coordinates, a cool green T-Shirt, and you provide the creativity! Stand at your metre, strike a pose, wear your shirt, show your green pride, and then upload your photo to our facebook site to inspire others!
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Essex Region's First Rain Garden
June, Essex Region
Essex Region Conservation Authority
Click Here to Learn More
The Essex Region Conservation Authority, Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club and the Town of Essex have teamed up to create what is believed to be the region’s first engineered community rain garden at the Harrow Arena in Essex.
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Stewardship Network Call for Case Studies
June, Ontario
Stewardship Network of Ontario
Click Here to Learn More
SNO is collecting case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of stewardship. Click the link if you think you have a case study to contribute, or to learn more about this project.
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The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure!
August 11-17, Shores of Lake Erie
Waterfront Regeneration Trust
Click Here to Learn More and Register
The 6th Annual Amazing End-to-End Cycling Holiday along Ontario's waterfront will meander the shores of Lake Erie this August. Ride 60-100 km each day and experience the beauty of Lake Erie's Shoreline. The tour begins in the town of Lakeshore near Windsor and ends, seven days later, in Fort Erie. Register for the full week, or just a few days!
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Swamp Tromp and Frog Slog
Party in the Park!

June - July, Guelph
Grand River Conservation Authority
Click Here to Learn More
Don't miss the Guelph Lake Party in the Park! Look for an exciting day filled with free activities June 23!
There are even more fun summer activities to discover all along the Grand! Don't miss your chance to explore with the Swamp Tromp, Frog Slog, and Dragons and Damsels outings. Check out the GRCA homepage for these and many more events and outings!
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Fish Quill Is Back! Don't Miss this Year's Performers as they Float Down the Grand!
June 13 - 23, Grand River
Fish Quill Poetry Boat
Click Here to View the Fish Quill Facebook Page
A group of artists is setting out on a ten-day poetry and music tour by canoe down the Grand River in southwestern Ontario. For the fourth year running, the group, calling itself Fish Quill Poetry Boat, will be paddling from Elora to the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory and performing their work in cafés, arts centres, and heritage sites along the way.
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Summer Adventure Camp!
Nature Centre Grand Opening

June - August, Niagara
Heartland Forest
Click Here to Register your Kids Today!
Calling all kids! Sign up today for a week filled with Discovery! From July to August, each week offers a great program of Amphibian Adventures, Insect Investigations, Sports, Crafts, and more!

Don't miss the grand opening of Heartland Forest's long-awaited nature Centre, Friday June 21. The open-house starts at 11am and features the "I Am Coyote" art show.
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Local Air Quality and Children's Mobility Webinar
June, Online
Green Communities Canada
Contact to Register: Sandra Jones
Look for this and other great webinars in the Active & Safe Routs to School series. Upcoming sessions highlight the results from a recent Hamilton, Ontario, air quality monitoring project at St. Lawrence Catholic School.
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ENGOs and First Nations: A View of the Horizon and Reconciliation
June 27, Toronto
Sustainability Network
Click Here to Register
The Sustainability Network is , in partnership with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, invites peers and leaders within the environmental, legal, resource and non-profit community to be engaged through a facilitated panel discussion. The discussion will cover critical environmental elements impacting reconciliation in Canada and how the environmental sector can influence reconciliation going forward.
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11th Annual Turkey Creek Canoe Race and Cleanup
June 22, LaSalle
The Friends of Turkey Creek
Click Here to Learn More and Register
The Friends of Turkey Creek (FOTC) are pleased to host the Eleventh Annual Turkey Creek Canoe Race & Cleanup on Saturday, June 22, 2013. This event is FREE but registrations are required.
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Owen Williams
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