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The Carolinian Canada sites were identified in 1984 as "critical unprotected natural areas". Since that time a lot of effort has been directed towards enhancing and securing the natural values at these locations and one thing that has emerged from these projects is the fact that these sites have been protected for generations by the good stewardship of communities, families and individuals. If this had not been the case, they would have long ago disappeared. With the assistance of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Carolinian Canada is celebrating this history of conservation by erecting permanent plaques that will tell the story of the site and the people who protected it.

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Middle Island Signature Site Celebration



On a sunny and hot July 1, 2006, Carolinian Canada Coalition (CCC) celebrated its Signature Sites program at the southernmost tip of mainland Canada.  A crowd of over 70 visitors and supporters gathered to pay tribute to the unique natural heritage of this region and celebrate this success at an event hosted by Point Pelee National Park.  Many of the 38 sites identified by CCC 22 years ago are now protected or managed for conservation

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Carolinian Canada was part of the traditional Canada Day celebration at Point Pelee National Park in 2006.  Park staff offered everyone a piece of the Canadian flag to eat.  It was delicious!

The Carolinian Canada sites were identified for their natural values but it is really thanks to human values that these sites have persisted to form the basis of the natural heritage system that provides us with clean air and water. Through the Community Marking Project we want to honour those who have given us this legacy; recognize our responsibility to preserve it for generations to come; and to inspire our children to become good stewards in their turn.

The distinctive Carolinian Canada plaques will be an enduring reminder of conservation success in your community. The cast brass plaques, mounted on a sturdy steel post are similar to the familiar blue provincial markers at sites of historical interest. When the project is completed a published booklet will guide people on a tour of southwestern Ontario’s natural heritage.

We need you to make this project a success. At each location we will need a community partner to work with Carolinian Canada to:
  • Develop the story
  • Organize a community event to unveil the plaque.
  • Involve as broad a cross section of your community as possible, with a special emphasis on young people.

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Are you interested?

It’s easy to become involved. There is no complicated application procedure, just contact Carolinian Canada by phone or email. Our representative can meet with you to discuss how we may celebrate conservation within your community together. 

Funding for this project is being provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation. With $100 million in annual funding from the province’s charitable gaming initiative, the Foundation provides grants to eligible charitable and not-for-profit organizations in the arts, culture, sports, recreation, environment and social service sectors. For more information visit the Trillium Foundation Website

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