"True South Wild and Free", an illustrated talk on the threatened wild life of Canada's Carolinian zone, is coming to your community. Contact us to book an event in your community.

True South, Wild & Free will take you on a 20th anniversary tour of Wild Carolinian Canada – the species, natural areas, habitats and issues. We’ll look at what we have protected in 20 years and what more we can do. We will zoom in on how we can use ‘Big Picture’ concepts in our backyards, communities, and policies to grow a healthy landscape. 

Carolinian Canada, our nation’s Far South, is our most naturally diverse Life Zone and our most threatened. Carolinian Canada occupies less than one percent of this country’s land area, but is home to 25% of our population, as well as, over 125 federal Species at Risk, more than any other part of country. The “Big Picture" analysis applies leading-edge science and mapping to identify a viable goal for our natural systems and provides Practical Options for the Greening of Carolinian Canada, do-able solutions across the landscape for communities and individuals. 

Trained as a wildlife biologist, Michelle Kanter has undertaken conservation work from the tropical forests of northern Australia to Canada's high Arctic tundra. However, her passion has been conserving Carolinian species and habitats ‘back home’. At the Nature Conservancy of Canada, she helped protect some of the best remaining natural areas in the region including Clear Creek Forest in Chatham-Kent and Stone Road Alvar on Pelee Island in Essex. As a consultant, she developed an award-winning community stewardship program and a large part of her career has focused on working with private landowners, rural communities, and municipalities, assisting them in ecological stewardship. She joined Carolinian Canada in October 2003 as Executive Director and is looking forward to working with local partners on dynamic programs across the landscape.

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