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Recovery Strategy for the Round-leaved Greenbrier

ECCC Needs Your Input!
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Round-leaved Greenbrier is a plant species listed as ‘Threatened’ under the Species at Risk Act. This wood-climbing vine has oval- to heart-shaped leaves and woody stems that are armed with prickles. In Ontario, this species can be found in Essex County, Norfolk County and the Niagara Region in moist deciduous forests typically dominated by Red Maple, Red Oak or Pin Oak trees.

High intensity logging, alterations to the moisture regime, and habitat loss and fragmentation are identified as major threats to the Round-leaved Greenbrier’s survival. During the 60-day consultation period now underway, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is seeking any information you may have about the species and its needs, as well as threats to the species or its habitat. ECCC  is also seeking your views on the conservation and protection measures proposed in the recovery strategy.

You are invited view the document and provide your comments online at (click on Get Involved – Public Consultations).

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