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From grassroots to government, Coalition members are leaders on the landscape. We focus on effective solutions for complex conservation challenges. We are science-based,
community-oriented, cost-effective, positive, proactive and ready to get our hands dirty.

All Carolinian Canada Coalition memberships require approval from the Board of Directors and allow one vote per member.

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Group Membership 

Collaborating for a Healthy Ecoregion
Join the Team protecting Canada’s Deep South

  • Connect across the Zone.
  • Leverage Resources.
  • Share Ideas.
  • Count Yourself In.
  • Make a Bigger Impact, Together.

Be Part of the Big Picture
A healthy future for this part of Canada will take persistence, enduring vision, smart
objectives and active coordination. We’re planning long-term with partners who want
to make a strong commitment to a green future for Canada’s Deep South.

Enhanced Member Program with Benefits

  • Seedling Member – $100.00
  • Canopy Member - $250.00 to $1,000.00 Select your membership level based on a sliding scale your group's annual budget
  • Super Canopy Member - Go above and beyond for a green future by sponsoring Carolinian Canada programs above the sliding scale of a canopy membership

Supporting Member Fee Scale: from $250 for budgets of less than $100000, to $1000 for budgets of $1000000 or more

Suggested Group Membership Levels 

$ 100.00 : Seedling Member
$ 250.00 : Budget < $250,000
$ 400.00 : Budget < $400,000
$ 500.00 : Budget < $500,000
$ 600.00 : Budget < $600,000
$ 750.00 : Budget < $750,000
$ 1,000.00 : $1,000,000 Budget or greater

Invoices for specific benefits are available on request.

Individuals can access these benefits through a Professional Membership

Sign on to the Big Picture Vision.

and get these benefits as a Coalition member:

  • ConnectEvent discounts / “First in Line”, access to Local Networking Opportunities, Nominate a Director, EcoNews postings
  • LeverageBig Picture Data, Expertise & consultation, “First in Line” for program support & promotion, Outreach & web tools
  • ShareInnovations, ideas, standards, Adaptive management of the Big Picture
  • CountYour work as part of the Big Picture
  • ImpactExplore collaborative projects & cumulative results and be Recognized as a “Partner for Healthy Ecosystems”

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Individual Membership

Our individual members are growing a healthy ecoregion.  We are launching a new membership program for our 30th anniversary30/30 Vision Campaign.  Donors at previous levels will be recognized as members.

Membership by Donation

Benefits of making an individual donation include Carolinian Canada Coalition annual membership, recognition, participation in the Big Picture Strategy and a charitable tax receipt.

Family Memberships

Family members can be added at a suggested donation of $25.  Please indicate in the notes section the names and email addresses of relatives included in the membership, to get separate voting rights.  If you would like to use one donation form for an entire family, please use the notes section to provide the names and email addresses of each family member donating.

Big Picture Legacy Circle

  • Big Picture Protector – $5,000.00 or more
  • Visionary Patron - $1,000.00 
  • Nature Backer - $500.00
  • Sustaining Sponsor - $250.00
  • Carolinian Canada Friend - $100.00 or monthly donation
  • Legacy Friend – Please contact us to plan a future donation, bequest or memorial donation

Carolinian Canada Supporters

  • Supporter - $50.00 ($25.00 for each additional family member)
  • Student Supporter - $25.00

Professional Membership

Individuals may access Group benefits by joining Carolinian Canada as a Professional Member starting at $100.  No charitable tax receipt is issued.

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Imagine Canada: Ethical Code

The Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code lays out standards for charitable organizations to manage and report their financial affairs responsibly.  Carolinian Canada Coalition has been a member since 2012

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