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Big Picture Vision, Implementation and Monitoring

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Green, healthy landscapes are essential to human quality of life and economic prosperity.  Conservation efforts in the past have focused on "islands of green” on landscapes where human uses and activities prevail.  For example, in 1984 Carolinian Canada identified 38 critical natural areas across the ecoregion needing urgent action.  But our scientific understanding has evolved and we now know that these “island of green" cannot exist on their own.  To remain viable they must be connected one to another in a "natural heritage system".  Natural heritage systems are critical for maintaining the quality of our water and air, for species movement, and for adapting to climate change.  In 2000, Carolinian Canada’s "Big Picture" analysis identified such a natural heritage system of core natural areas and connecting corridors.

The “Big Picture” continues to inform and complement the natural heritage planning being done by municipalities, conservation authorities, and provincial and federal departments.  We are working to update the Big Picture with new information, and find ways to monitor how well we are doing to achieve this vision—since all of our work contributes to realizing of the Big Picture vision some way!

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